A crumbling world needs bold new heroes!

Unite mighty warriors and monstrous beasts, and build a party that can face the armies of evil!

Venture into ancient jungles, fiery orc mines and towering castles, and save the world from a vicious dark sorcerer! Recruit dozens of powerful humans, goblins, orcs and more, and lead them into tactically deep turn-based battle. Train newly recruited heroes, unlock awe-inspiring attacks, and dominate players from all over the world in PvP arenas!

Fight Strategic Battles

Assemble a balanced team and engage in a multitude of strategic, turn-based battles!

Use every hero's unique strengths to design powerful builds like tanks, rogues, or support characters to ultimately save the world! Act wisely and take advantage of the terrain, direction of attack, and companion strikes to inflict damage and clear dungeons effectively for extra rewards! Use your strategies to overcome any challenge and master this world's trials!

Level up

Level up heroes

Humans, goblins, witches, minotaurs or even cats - everyone can be a hero!

Meet and recruit over 30 heroes and compose a powerful party to fight against the forces of evil! Level up every hero multiple times, improve their skills, look and gear, and even equip them with unique set items! Be creative and build your hero dream team - whatever fits your fighting style!

Player vs Player

Need a break from fighting the forces of evil?

How about pitting your strengths against other players from around the world! Build the ultimate team and challenge other contestants in two exciting and merciless PvP Modes, the Arena and the Valley of Trials! Compete for glory - and of course for awesome loot!